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Despite the recent surge in calls being due to the coronavirus outbreak, after the lockdown has ended and more people go back to work, CallCare still expects to remain busy and continue with its high call numbers. 

And even when the chats became bizarre, including when fake 'Greta' talks about an arranged marriage to six-year-old Prince George and the need to move penguins to the North Pole, Harry doesn't appear concerned and keeps chatting. 

The move is also aimed at ensuring that members of staff who are trans or non-binary and often have to introduce themselves with their chosen pronoun, such as he/him, she/her and they, do not feel marginalised in the workplace. 

Prince Harry has opened his heart about Megxit, being more 'normal' than other royals and how Donald Trump has 'blood on his hands' in two toe-curling phone chats with Russian pranksters posing as environmentalist Greta Thunberg and her father.

Among the 400-plus lots up for grabs at the Verizon Telephone Pioneers Museum Collection Auction is President Dwight D. Eisenhower's phone from his summer White House in Newport, Rhode Island. It's made from green plastic, with the words "Bell System" and "Made by Western Electric" etched behind the cradle. No, you can't text from it.

'My objection was not the fact she'd done it, but it was her message, the poor little me message, was the wrong one. I felt it was an opportunity to demonstrate her strength and what a big heated person she was. I felt I had to resign.

Harry, who is not believed to have met Greta, also talked about Donald Trump and the world's 'sick' leaders, why he needs to use private jets despite campaigning on climate change and having nothing to do with his uncle Prince Andrew.

n Ever gone for a morning walk and wished for pure air? Due to increasing level of pollution, it is difficult to find pure air. The alarming situation of increasing pollution in the world has led to the growth of the electric vehicle industry. This segment has evolved significantly over the past years. People nowadays prefer to buy electric vehicles due to its benefits. The developments in Electrical Control System for EV have created more opportunities for the EVs industr

The items come from two regional chapters of the Telephone Pioneers of America Museum: the William J. Denver chapter #20 museum in Providence, Rhode Island, and the Excelsior Chapter #98 in Buffalo, New York. Telephone Pioneers of America, a network of current and retired telecommunications employees, was founded in 1911. 

China leads the world in electric vehicle sales, with over a million vehicles hitting the roads in 2018. It is also a leading country in terms of charging stations. Not only it has the highest charging stations but it also has fast charging facilities. Evlink parking is used for charging the EV when they are in the parking. It has provided more options forpeople to charge their electric vehicle

Prince Harry says Donald Trump has 'blood on his hands' and... Who's got the upper hand? Meghan Markle is always reaching... Idris Elba, 47, and his wife, 31, are worried about friends... JANET STREET-PORTER: If Canada is so cool, Meghan, why do so...

The Duke of Sussex insisted he chose to withdraw from royal life to 'protect my son' and said 'we are completely separate from the majority of my family' in hoax calls that give extraordinary insight into his state of mind as the couple quit this year.

A couple of wooden phone booths from around 1940 that would make perfect superhero changing rooms are also up for auction, as are original plank boards from Alexander Graham Bell's lab, Western Electric vintage telephone switchboards, several desk rotary phones that didn't belong to presidents, charming wall phones from 100 years ago, a selection of phone cables from the '60s, and reflective signs for Bell Atlantic and New England Telephone.

"No matter how much you see in this business, you come across things every day that amaze," said Kevin Bruneau, president of Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers, which is overseeing the auction. "How often do you get to hold the first-ever call box installed in the Yukon for gold miners?"

92% of the total world population breathes air that is polluted and exceeds the WHO limit. The main reason for pollution is transportation. About 75% of carbon monoxide emissions come from automobiles. For these reasons, electric vehicles are used by countries all around the worl

The 14 best places to pull over have been revealed: UK... I get by with a little help from my big, corporate friends:... You've seen a new job and want to apply for it... but how do... Beware the coronavirus holiday scams: How to dodge criminals...

'After speaking to LGBT+ charities Switchboard - LGBT+ Helpline and Gendered Intelligence, as well as to trans and non-binary people themselves, we learned how important asking someone's pronouns can be.'   

Those who have decided to take up DIY in the lockdown period have been responsible for a particularly high number of those calls as they seek advice on the items they have purchased or card cpu tổng đài request a refund for a product they realise they will not actually use.