Introduce yourself!


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I'm Eric, I live in Germany close to the French border. I've studied media science and squeezed in as much about games as possible. As I'm living at the end of the world there's no such thing as games industry around here, so I have to do stuff for online shops for a living ;)

Most of my free time I've spent with various partially weird pets and gaming related stuff. In the gaming area I rarely get to actually play games, I'm mostly editing videos and managing them on YouTube and breaking websites.

I do so as part of Ludophiles which started as a tiny team of wiki admins, forum mods, a YouTube guy, a streamer and guild manager who thought it would be cooler to do stuff as a team instead of everyone on their own. Nowadays it's mostly still the same tiny team but we are mainly recording videos nobody will ever watch and working on websites nobody will ever visit, but it's fun :)


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Allow myself to introduce... myself. I'm Kiera, and i’m an avid gamer.
I'm especially enhusiastic about minmaxing both complex and simple games, finding exploits/glitches and generally breaking games.

I spend most of my free time either playing games or reading about games. I accumulated more than 15 thousand hours in big MMOs such as Guild Wars 2 and WoW, where i also used to do speedruns. Nowadays i prefer single-player and indie games over online play, partly due to the fact my current PC is a potato. I'd also love to produce meaningful content in the form of videos sometime in the future - spreadsheets will have to do for a while.

In real life i'm an economics student living in Central Europe. There's honestly nothing else worth mentioning so imma just end it here.


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Hey y'all I'm Flavortown, I love gaming. I love to challenge myself with hard games, pretty much any genre. I've completed every Soulsborne game, plus Sekiro. I really love this game even though I'm trash at it right now. My PC is a 2007 government issued laptop, so I can't run that many games on it.

In real life I'm a French-Canadian living in a middle of nowhere town in Quebec. I'm studying in biotechnology. That's pretty much it.