Greenlight post #3: Brace yourself, the demo is coming!


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On 22th of May 2017 the 3rd Steam Greenlight post announced the demo, gave an overview over the recent development progress and also included a gameplay video. Here it is in its entirety:


22 MAY, 2017 - XSOUL

As you can guess since the last update we progressed a lot, we reached the point where the first world is fully playable. So we focused on the gameplay experience, progress and the replayability.
From now on it’s polishing time!

So what’s new?

You can be blessed… and get physically/mentally ill,


A huge work has been done about the integration and balance of the illnesses/curses and blessings. The Temple will give you nightmares and mental conditions… But if your prowesses are witnessed your God might want to give a hand, who knows?

You can save your progress!
Pray at some gate and reach a specific point from the Filthblood Shelter (the HUB) !


Indeed Dark Devotion is also influenced by rogue-likes. It roughly means that each time you die: back to square one! But if you prayed first at some holy gate found in the deeps of the Temple, you’ll be able to reach this location directly from the Shelter. Genius!

About saving, one more thing:
If you’re lucky enough you might find this statue:


Praise Basilius the Great!

Choose your own gear!


Killing bosses will unlock new equipment in the HUB that you can choose from this altar. So each time you come back to the Filthblood Shelter you’ll be able to do a new run with different right/left hands depending on the enemies you’re facing and/or your preferences!


We’re still implementing little features that you will discover yourself while playing the demo, you should know that we’re more motivated than ever and nearly done with this first world.
We’re hoping that you are as excited as we are!
Indeed, creating the game is a thing but testing and balancing it is another my friend. And this is what we’re doing right now, hardcore testing to polish it to offer you the best experience we can give.

We hope that we'll completely be done with the first world by the end of may.

Here is a quick gameplay video to sum up some new things :

What’s coming next then?

The toughest work has been done, (Core gameplay, prog/sounds/animations world 1, now balancing) like we said in the previous update we’ll focus on creating the other environments (Starting by the second world) which means: new places, bosses, monsters, NPCs, equipment, stories, texts and secrets to discover..!

Quick preview of the horrors you might face in next worlds :

The Dark Devotion demo will be available during our Kickstarter campaign which will be launched in a few weeks, stay tuned!

This is a crucial moment for our team and the future of Dark Devotion. Thank you for following and supporting us guys, this is really helpful. We need you to keep things going.

Lots of Love from the Hibernian Workshop team.
(And we’re sorry if there’s typos, we’re French.)

Stay tuned
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